The Birmingham Re-entry Alliance is an innovative, collaborative reentry support and case management system for individuals returning to Birmingham following incarceration in state prison. Our network will combine the necessary services for some of Alabama’s most marginalized people – indigent, formerly incarcerated people with felony records – to thrive following incarceration. The organizations involved have proven records of providing the necessary services, yet no organization currently does all that is needed for people returning from prison to escape poverty and homelessness, and avoid returning to prison. By combining strengths of existing social service agencies and adding case management, this project builds a scalable system of support and care to help fill a desperate need.

The case manager serves as a lighthouse to assess clients for the program and guide them to coordinating service providers in the Birmingham Re-entry Alliance. In this role, the case manager will support individuals who are transitioning from incarceration back into the Birmingham area. The case manager is responsible for client assessment, referral to appropriate service providers, career planning, and goal setting. The case manager is to expect to work with a group of approximately 5 to 15 clients at any given time. Importantly, the case manager will have access to a supportive alliance of nine direct service providers (community partners) who have joined together to provide various services to formerly incarcerated clients. 

Primary responsibilities

  • Work closely with community partners to provide a seamless network of support services to clients newly released from state prisons into Birmingham;
  • Collaborate with other team members to address the immediate needs of clients, specifically, acquisition of government identification and benefits, medical care, transportation, education/job-training, employment, peer support, and housing;
  • Respond to urgent client needs and questions by providing leadership, direct services, and coordination with needed community services;
  • Create client files including medical history, education, incarceration history, and identifications;
  • Maintain accurate client files and records according to program guidelines;
  • Develop plans to increase clients’ long-term well-being, productivity, and stability
  • Maintain data on client progress based on established metrics.


  • Conduct individual assessments; Determine eligibility based on requirements in accordance with established criteria;
  • Assess clients’ needs, personal strengths and support networks to help determine their goals;
  • Assess the clients’ training readiness and make documentation of any concerns or potential barriers;
  • Provide information and referrals to community resources to help clients address identified barriers that may hinder client well-being, stability, and employment;
  • Collect and analyze data related to positive improvements, outcomes, and accountability requirements.

Salary and benefits

This position will provide a salary range of $45,000 – $50,000 annually, depending on experience. Office space and supplies will be provided. Additionally, the position offers a benefits package including health insurance, mileage compensation, and generous paid time off. This is a grant-funded position to support a pilot program with the possibility of becoming a long-term position.

To apply, please email a letter of interest, resume, and three references to Ingrid Patrick at Alabama Appleseed at

The Birmingham Re-entry Alliance will comprise existing nonprofit agencies, faith groups, and government entities that already provide assistance with identification, job training and placement, substance use treatment, peer support, life skills, housing, healthcare, and case management. The following organizations have committed to serve the Alliance:

  • Community on the Rise
  • Salvation Army, Birmingham Command
  • Jimmie Hale Mission
  • Aletheia House
  • Alabama Appleseed Center for Law & Justice
  • Hope Inspired Ministries (HIM)
  • Alabama Regional Medical Services (ARMS)
  • Offender Alumni Association (OAA)
  • City of Birmingham Mayor’s Office
  • Office of Homelessness Prevention
  • Canterbury United Methodist Church
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